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An Outpost Awaits!


Your very own world... a lake, cabin, boat and motor or canoe, great food and... plenty of WILD trout! All you need bring are your clothes and fishing tackle.

The Perfect
Summer Mountain
Shetler Lake

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Outpost Camps

There's plenty of options... fly to a rustic cabin on a remote lake, yours to call your own to fish, canoe and hike... sharing a fishing camp with other anglers who enjoy the life in camp... relax in the wilderness where your mode to travel the trail is a singular kayak... or fly out and stay a few days at a high end fishing lodge. The choice is yours!

Outpost destinations... the choice is yours!

Stewart's Lodge & Camps

If you'd like to stay a while in a rustic log cabin and enjoy a lake all to yourself, check out the Wilderness Outposts operated by Stewart's Lodge & Camps. Or, stay in a lakeside cabin on Nimpo and take in the Lodge-Daily Fly Out... you'll be glad you did!


Backcountry outposts... experience it for yourself!


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